DPI Bandwidth Policy

How can I control Wi-Fi client connected to Stellar DPI enabled AP and allocate bandwidth based on application?

For example, a user connected to Stellar AP, his/her Social Media gets 2 Mbps, Video Streaming gets 4 Mbps, etc.

Hello, you have to create first a signature profile Home>Network>Application>Visibility> Signature Profiles. Choose on which application you want apply Bandwidth Usage and Enforcement. Then apply it to the AP groups. Second, you have to create a unfied policy Home>Configuration>Policy> Users and Groups >Unified Policies in this policy you have to add the L7 application visibility condition. create as many policies as you need. Third, you have to create a Unified Policy List Home> Configuration> Policy> Users and Groups> Unified Policy List and join al the unified policiese which you just created in a unified policy list and last, you have to associate this unified policy list to the Access Role Profile Home> Unified Access> Unified Profile Template> Access Role Profile and apply it to the AP groups

I hope this helps

There are multiple ways to achieve this. You may edit your Signature Profiles like in the attached screenshots to apply limits or you could go through the "Unified Policy" feature to provide that per user-role. You can control this on "per application" level, but I'd recommend to combine the apps into groups first, so that you don't have to create so many separate policies.