Error: AP License exhausted

Hi All,

Do anyone experience Error: AP License exhausted. and to resolve this concern.

On OV2500, I have a total of 1550 AP licenses but. currently only managing 58 Managed AP’s and 5 Unmanaged AP’s total of 63 Registered AP.. but on the Licensing management, it showed that my all 1550 AP license has been consumed.




Hello, open an SR.


noticed “license overdue error”. This is an known issue on OV2500 4 4.R2 and the fix is available in 4.5R1. Upgrading to 4.5R1 and re-adding the licenses resolved the license overdue error; however, the AP licenses count was not updated. Reported to OV team and they requested to run an script to refresh the licenses usage count. Running the same resolved the issue.