Expansion cards specs

I need to know the throughput (packet rate) of the OS-XNI-U12, the OS-QNI-U3 and the OS-XNI-T8 expansion cards and there is no such information on the ALE's site. From the online chat on ALE's site they directed me here. Can anyone provide such information?

Moreover, I need the data buffer specification of the for-mentioned cards. Thank you in advance.

Hi, have a look at this datasheet where you will find included some information regarding those cards for OS6900.
Note that this forum today is focusing on WLAN solutions and our OmniVista Network Management system (CPE or CLOUD based). trying anyway to help here.

DAN, thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, this datasheet does not contain the requested information (packet rate & buffer of the OS-XNI-U12, the OS-QNI-U3 and the OS-XNI-T8 expansion cards). This information is crucial for me, in order to evaluate a retailers procurement regarding a project. As I stated before, from the online chat on ALE’s site directed me here. I'm apologizing if my post is outside the scope of this forum. Do you have any suggestion on where should I attend to for such information? Thanks again anyway.

I'll answer your question.

The modules you referenced, don't have any buffer themselves. The buffer is implemented as part of the switching ASIC. The OS6900-X20/-X40 and OS6900-T20/-T40 have 9 MB of data buffer. The OS6900-X20/-T20 have 640 Gb/s non-blocking switching capacity and 480 mpps of throughput. The OS6900-X40/-T40 have 1.28 Tb/s non-blocking switching capacity and 960 mpps of throughput. If you want to take the module switching capacity, you basically have U12E with 12x 10G (non-blocking) or 120 Gbps (in industry-standard math = 240 Gbps).

Benny, thank you very much for your help.