Express to Enterprise

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Can anyone clarify ?

I have total 90 Stellar AP will I need to go to each web login of Stellar AP to convert to enterprise mode or how ?

Hi, if you havn't yet powered up those AP's, you can configure your DHCP server with option 138 (IP address of OV2500) that your AP's boot directly in Enterprise mode. the same method can be used if the AP comes up after pressing the reset button or if the AP is forced by GUI to reset it's config. If you are already running those as a cluster, you can convert them in the (primary virtual controller) PVM GUI in the AP section to enterprise mode.

Hope this answers your case. rolf

Hi, Moving from Express to Enterprise is really simple. In the Express main page, select "AP" tab (Express_select_AP_Tab.png) In AP page, select "Convert to Enterprise" (Express_convert_to_Enterprise.png), and the whole AP-Group will be connected to the OmniVista Enterprise. Please note, that all configuration will be lost, so in order to reduce downtime, the new AP-groups (more than one in OmniVista Enterprise) can be pre-configured. If you do not see the "Convert to Enterprise", please upgrade to modern releases (current is 3.0.7) Regards,

Hi, you can convert the remaining AP's per AP-group (all AP's running in the same IP subnet form automatically an AP-group. Within one AP-group, all AP's can be converted at once (see post from Jorge too) if you might use a very old release (3.0.0), you might have to upgrade the wifi-Express group to a newer one. thanks,


But I have DHCP Server for the Stellar AP but I have converted that into enterprise but the remaining AP still not going to enterprise .

How can i convert all AP simultaneously?