+++ Flash Space usage crossed above the threshold!!! Please Do cleanup

Good afternoon,
I have a VC OS6560, I can’t synchronize because the message above appears
+++ Flash Space usage crossed above the threshold !!! Please Do cleanup, does anyone know how to solve it?

Jorge Carreira

Hello Jorge,

It seems that you have too many files in your flash system and it is running out of space. It could be that you have two versions of software in both the Certified and Working directories. For example, in my OS6560-P24Z8 model that I’m running in my EBC, it still has 1308 MB of available space in addition to all the log files and duplicated firmware and configs in the Working and Certified directories.

You can check for these files and space available on each of your units in the VC by signing in via cli.

  1. To check for available space, type the following “show system”:

The abbreviated results are displayed below:

Name: OS6560-P24Z8, Date & Time: TUE MAY 18 2021 01:04:44 (UTC) Flash Space: Available (bytes): 1308545024 (if this space is depleted, then perform the following) steps to cleanup any unnecessary files.

  1. Check the flash directory by issuing the “ls” command. It will list all the files and directories in the root directory.
  2. Then check the main two directories that normally store the firmware, first check the working directory by typing “cd working” then perform an “ls -l -S” to display all the files in ascending order by size (in Bytes).

-> ls -l -S total 210828

-rw-r--r-- 1 admin user 215639332 Dec 19 2017 Nos.img

-rw-r--r-- 1 admin user 7993 Oct 16 2018 vcboot.cfgOPEN

-rw-r--r-- 1 admin user 7788 Jun 6 2019 vcboot.cfg

-rw-r--r-- 1 admin user 250 Jun 6 2019 vcsetup.cfg

-rw-r--r-- 1 admin user 128 Jan 2 2018 cloudagent.cfg

  1. Also, check in the Certified directory by following the above steps.

Please cleanup the unnecessary files by either tftp them out of the switch or by deleting them via the ‘rm’ cli command.

In AOS 8 switches you have two directories that you can boot from by default:



But you can also create your own directories

/flash/mydirectory etc and boot or work with them

Switches have limited flash though so if you create many of these directories you will exceed the flash capacity. I think this is the likely cause of the error that you see. Check if you have several additional directories with image and/configuration files. If you do, just keep the ones that you really need and make a backup of the others. I recommend you do NOT delete either the working of certified directories.