Guest Tunnel Termination Switch (GTTS)

Hi everyone, I am looking for some feedback if anyone has implemented GTTS "Guest Tunnel Termination Switch (GTTS)." with STELLAR AP’s? as part of a UNP setup in an OmniSwitch rel. 8, I am wondering if your experience worked well. On the OS6450 side, how did you guys implemented the same kind of approach? Thanks for your help and feedback.

Hi, I've done a test setup with OS6860 (needed as GTTS) running 8.5R2 and connected stellar AP's (over a routed network). this worked fine (stellar Enterprise, GRE tunnels configured at stellar through OV2500).
OS6450 does support Guest tunneling as access switch, not as GTTS!

thanks Ahbekka for your answer

Did you try a GRE tunnel against a Nokia 7750 Wifi-Gateway? I tried but couldn't make it work, because our stellar devices send a gre key and nokia routers do not accept it and couldn't terminate the tunnel into the appropriate service because of this gre key mismatch.

I didn't test with Nokia gear. I've used on OS6860 as GTTS. but you could may use wireshark to sniff the key (if I remeber correct, the key is build with our tunnel-ID) - and configure the key manually at SR side ?

I ran wireshark and saw the key but couldn't configure it on the Nokia as there is no command to set it. Maybe I don't know how to or couldn't find it; we opened an SR but couldn't solve it. Yes, you're right the key is for building the tunnel-id.

There is no static key between stellar-ap and gtts-switch. The keys are build from the inside OV configured Tunnel-ID and a flow-id, which is the last MAC-octett of the wireless-client conneted to the SSID. Lets say OmniVista-conf'd Tunnel-ID is 12(d) [C(h)] and your client MAC-address ends with 1A(h) the Tunnel-ID (Flow-ID ... whatsoever) would be C1A(h) or 3098(d). The range of Tunnel-IDs your gretap-Terminator needs to accept would be C00(h)-CFF(h) to cover all clients on that SSID.