home automation

I have in my home 3 Stellar (1201, 1221 an 1321) with 2 SSID, but one is to home automation devices in 2.4Ghz, and the problem is the devices are all the time disconnect and after same time reconnect. I put 2 IAP (305 and 325) with the same SSID (cancel ssid from the stellar) and it work's very well, all the devices are connect. Someone can help to identify the problem.

Hello Jorge, which firmware version are you using? have you tried each model separately instead of the 3 models at the same time? regards,

Pls open a ticket indicating AWOS firmware here.

the firmware is R3.0.7.1038
no I don’t try with just one, because with one I can’t connect all devices.

Hi, I am not sure issue is resolved .

This is what i feel.

with 2 IAP 305 & 325 its working because by default 40 MHz is enabled for 2.4 GHZ and will have only two 40 MHz channels in 2.4 GHz and avoids Co-channel Interference.

Having 3 AP's of Stellar AP1201 ,1221 & 1321 in 40MHz by default . And in 2.4GHz we will have only two 40MHz channels which will lead to Co-channel interference between 3 AP's. This is lead connectivity issues.

More over you can try removing the lower rates in SSID profile below 12 Mbps if the distance between AP's is between AP's 10-12 meters.

Hope this helps