How can I highlight the advantage of the ALU switch 6450 over other competitors?

Hi all,

Please help how can I highlight the advantage of the 8xOS6450-P48X and 2xOS6900-X20-F-EU over other competitors's switches in terms of the speed,support,solution etc.?

The costumer is a local government organization, so the security can be important.

The 8 x OS6450-P48X will be redundant stacked and uplinked with LACP to 2xOS6900-X20-F-EU which will be also satcked (QSFP+).

Competitors can be : Ruckus Network switch etc., Ubiquiti so the cheaper one

Thank You in Advance for any help and good ideas.


I would talk to the ALE sales in yor country to get a deal on a more complete vision than just a couple of switches. Maybe you can, depending on the port usage, use the new 6860 models instead of the X20 and get the costs down a bit more and have a more modern platform.