How do I switch from "CERTIFIED mode" to "WORKING mode" after configuration on the R8 switch?

Configuration was performed in "certified" after booting.

Of course, it is not saved, so I tried to change it to "working" through the command below.

> copy certified working make-running-directory

> modify running-directory wokring

However, there is a log that the command "modify" cannot be performed in "certified mode".

Can I change the running configuration from "certified" to "working" without rebooting?

Thank you



One thing that you can try is to first copy all the content from the certified directory to the working directory. Then try again the command "modify running-directory working" and tell me if it's working.

Otherwize you can do a "show configuration snapshot" to see the entire running configuration that you added. Then reboot the switch from working ("reload from working no rollback-timeout"), and copy-paste the configuration you got from the previous "show configuration snapshot"