How many DHCP server can I create in Stellar express mode

Hi all,

I would like to know how many DHCP server can I create under Stellar Services?

Is there any software or hardware limit ?

Thank You in advance

Hi Telonet

In case you have no external DHCP server you can use the internal DHCP service of Stellar AP. Some rules to care about: There is one DHCP per AP Group and it must be managed on a specific AP (PVM preffered) through its AP UI interface.

In term of performance it is Linux DHCP runs under OpenWRT with same performances as any Redhat/linux isc dhcp service. Pool of IP is your network pool. As usual it is recommended manage linux DHCP for an autonomous L2 domain in Expresse mode in case of no external DHCP. For high-end configurations always consider DHCP service implementation in data center itself.

Hope answering your question

(also please refer to Stellar user guide for its management that is easy. User guide normally could be found under the resources in Spacewalkers here)