How to build a 300 meter outdoor wireless bridge?


What is the best solution for a WiFi 6 wireless bridge, based on two AP1300 series Access Points. My customer needs this solution for a camera project. The required bandwidth is 180Mbit/sec and the distance is 300 meter. There are no obstacles between the Access Points (clear line of sight), however it rains a lot in this country :).

Does anyone have experience, what frequency did you use (2.4 or 5), what antenna did you use?

Or do I need to advise an other kind of technology?

Any advise is welcome!!

Hi Dutchman,

Good question here to ask to bridge data link with the Wifi 6 technology. Thanks.

As first view due elements you give for your bridge built, I think outdoor Stellar APs like AP1361D could fit with your project. Whatever you will have to simulate your link first with simulation tools, like Ekahau site survey tool. Effectively Ekahau, or other tool if you use to work with other manufacturers, will provide AP links simulation with the parameters you give to the tool (wifi 6 antennas parameters mainly then here). We provide Ekahau tool as service for that, for your information.

You seems experienced with natural environment you could have with such build but I think due bandwidth you need, it is something feasable with such antennas. Please close to our representative if you need further informations