How to configure OmniVista OV2500 to point syslog to my SEM?

Hi Guys,

I am quite new to this NMS product (OV2500) and I trying to search online on the procedure of configuring my NMS to point the syslog to my SEM. Is there any kind soul to assist or share with me the information? Thank you so much. =)


What type of logs are you searching for ?

if it's OV2500 application logs : There is no configuration to send OV2500 application logs itself to a Syslog server (if we refer to the information available in Home-> Administration - > Audit Audit Log View Home ).

if you are searching for unified policy access management log (UPAM, network user access, or network admin access) : it's in "UPAM -> Setting -> External Log Server".

If you are searching to push WLAN AP logs : you would have to set your syslog server in the "Home -> Network - > AP Registration -> AP Group" for the relevant AP group (syslog section of the AP group)

For the switches you mays send a CLI script to push the syslog configuration to the switches ("swlog host output socket ip_address enable" command) using "Home -> Configuration-> CLI Scripting".

if you search for specific network events and you have a SNMP probe on the SIEM side : you may use "Home -> Network-> Notifications -> Trap Responder" to target a specific trap, filter it and forward the trap to your SIEM.

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Hi Klentil,

Thanks for your replied.
I would like to send all my NMS syslog to another third party application (Solarwinds SEM) but I not sure how can you going to do so and unsure NMS able to do so. Do you encounter this in your past?


OmniVista can not be confgured to send its logs to an external syslog server.
Only SNMP traps can be forwarded to an external trap receiver.