How to configure option 43 DHCP windows server

I have 30 APs That will be administrated by Omnivista enterprise, and I need that the DHCP of windows server set option 43 to AP to register in the controller. Do you know how is the HEX value in option 43?

Thank you.

Hi Yorch,
Thanks for the post if you want manage cluster of Stellar APs in Enterprise mode your DHCP server must handle option 138 to provide @IP of Omnivista to APs. Then APs will boot up and connect to the OmniVista Server for management.
I invit you to look at Omnivista 2500 user guide and OmniAccess Stellar User Guide for details if it is such type of controller you speak about in this post. You can find both them on ALE MyPortal
Hope it is helping.