How to get rid off inactive guest account in the guest account list automatically

Hi, we need to kick off all guest devices on a daily basis, but the self-registered account stays in the guest account list.

How do I force Guest users to self-register and authenticate every day if the account is not removed automatically after each day????

Is there somewhere you can schedule to clear the guest accounts list after every day or at a certain time???

Hi Gerhards,

After checking our database, I have found the following management for self-registered Guests:


Guests accounts can be created by a Guest Operator as previously described. In addition, and in Wi-Fi Enterprise mode, guests accounts can also be self-created by guests when they are redirected to the Captive Portal if “Self Registration” is enabled in the “Guest Access Strategy”:

Figure 17: Guest Access Strategy for Guests self-registration

The self-registered guest account will not be usable immediately if “Approved by Sponsor” is enabled in the “Guest Access Strategy”. The account will be usable after either:

§ it is approved by an “Employee Sponsor” which must have been provisioned in the UPAM “Employee” internal database or must “exist” on an external AD/LDAP server interfacing with UPAM.

§ or, it is approved by a Guest Operator.

The self-registered guest account will be usable immediately if “Approved by Sponsor” is disabled in the “Guest Access Strategy”.

The Guest Operator and the Employee Sponsor can access to the same User Interface to approve the self-registered guest account:


You have first to manage Self-registration Strategy on your OV Enterprise.

You have to set self-Registration strategy Approved by Guest Operator.

Have you manage Authentication strategy to handle the daily voucher for your Guests?

Hope this helping