How to migrate omnivista from a server to another?

This is my case.

I will install omnivista.ova on a VMware server, install the license and register my 50 AP's.

There is no problem until this point.


The issue is that the server that will use is a provisional server, so my question is...

Can I pass the virtual machine (migrate) from the old server to the new one?

Is there a manual or procedure?

My preoccupation is the licenses.

I appreciate your answers.

Thank you.



Taking VM-snapshot and migration to other VM server is possible. How to migrate VM-snapshot from one VMware to other VMware , the experts of VMware should be able to Guide better.


Normally I do, to install new omnivista with same software version as the old and Same IP address.

Get the configuration backup from OLD omnivista (using CLI & SFTP) and restore the configuration in the new.

You can transfer/re-use the Licenses which should not create any issues

Now if you want to change the IP address of New Omnivista , you can do it.

Later you can move the APs from OLD OV to New Omni vista. Please screenshot attached.




Please advice!!

Hi Experts,

Could you please advise whether we can transfer the old Device and HA license while creating the new OV2500 NMS server in VM and provide the steps to take those old licenses.

you can login into OV2500 using SSH , Select the options Configure The Virtual Appliance --> Display Current Configuration - you will see the license keys