I have a problem with the installing captive portal certificate on the NMS ov2500.

I can't install the certificate. Certificate Issuer has given me CACert.crt, ca-bundle, and .key files which I need to install correctly in NMS.I need help with this

Hello Ashen,

You need to upload the certificate in the UPAM -> Settings -> Captive Portal Certificates. Then follow he below procedure:
Adding a Certificate
Click on the Add icon to bring up the Create Captive Portal Certificates Screen. Click on the Upload button to upload a CA File, then click on the Import button to import the file into UPAM. Repeat the process to upload and import the Server File and Server Key File.
Enter a Name for the Certificate, a Private Key Password to encrypt the key file when generating the Server File, and enter a Selected FQDN. Click on the Create button. The certificate can now be activated.
Note: The Certificate Files only support PEM or DER encoded certificates (e.g., .pem., .cer, .der, .crt).
Note: If you use the default certificate, the password is "password".
Note: If necessary, you can generate a new Captive Portal Certificate.
Activating a Certificate
Select a Certificate in the Captive Portal Certificates List and click on the Activate Button. You can only have one active certificate. If you activate a new certificate, it replaces the previously-activated certificate.