Impossible to connect to OV Cirrus "waiting for first contact" - AP1251



My problem is simple to understand, I cannot connect my access point to my OVCloud.

I specifiy that is a project with 85 AP 1251 / 1301 and I have any issue with 84 APs ^^.


My last AP work fine in express mode with no problème, but When I try to connect it to OV Cloud, I don't know why but it is rebooting always in express mode.

I have internet / dhcp / POE /No firewall / everything is ok because as I told any issue with 84APs

I try to

Manualy upgrading the AP.

ADD / Delete the serial number on my cirrus cloud.

Factory reset (pushing the reset button).

I try to clic on "connect to cloud" on express WEBUI.

I try to add my AP in another cirrus plateform.

I try to ssh to my AP (I don't know why but the pswd is wrong)..

In short, I dont know how to connect my access point to my ov cirrus.

Do you think it is a hardware issue ? Reminder any issue in express mode

Many thanks for your help.


Hi Aimad,

You mention you "I try to add my AP in another cirrus plateform". Have you previously registered the AP in another Cirrus tenant? If so, you will need to de-register the AP from the old tenant before you can move to the new one.

Hope this helps.



Hi Patricio,

Thanks for your return.
Yes I did it, I delete from the old tenant before.