Intermittent devices dropping off Stellar Wireless Enterprise/OVC


We have observed users are experiencing their devices e.g Mac PCs, Mac Book and IPhones disconnecting from Stellar Wi-Fi. The users devices display full wireless coverage and are static, but the issue still occurs. Can anybody advise or faced this scenario?

The access points are running the latest firmware. We can see the users are successfully connected to the SSID.


U-APSD is enabled on the SSID. I have seen if the Apple phones to sleep-mode yet it disconnects.

If you can do air capture for the client during issue state which can give a better idea or suggest you to get in touch with ALE support to do the needful.

Hi umer77

Thanks for the report here. I join Thanjavuru reco Pls create eSR for this issue to request support and investigation. Input air capture you have done for clients and provide software Stellar you have for access points, the models for access points /Wifi hardware, the WLAN/LAN topology you have installed for Stellar, with release for OVCirrus and informations on your switching and use case for WLAN.

ALE support will require OVC logs and air capture ton investigate further on clients with issues. Best regards O.