Is UPAM ready for General Data Protection Regulation in Europe?

In some days a new European Data Protection Regulation will be applicates in a lot of countries across Europe. If UPAM is used for guest access via self-Registration what happens with the dates like e-mail-address and phone number? Will them deleted automaticly from the database? If yes - when? Is the time configurable? Are there any internal audit logs where the infos are still visible later? It is also possible to delete them dates there?

Those information are used for the service itself. The provider of the service is responsible to use only those information which are required to provide the WLAN service.
The information are deleted after the account is expired.
This is currently configurable with the account validity period.
The event can be seen in the Logs ‘Home -> Administrator -> Audit -> Logs -> UPAM -> upam’.
It would be possible to export those logs. However, by default, the information are taken with the minimal-data principle.

Hi Michael,
thanks for your answer.