L3 roaming but VLAN ID is the same

Question from a customer: "Is it possible to force L3 roaming? For example we have a customer that designed their network so that the edge switches (OS6860N-P48M's) are L3 and the vlan ID's are duplicated across all of the L2 hanging off the back of the OS6860N's. If a user roams from AP1 in Building 1 for example their SSID and ARP will drop them onto vlan 50 with, he that user goes to Building 2 (this could be across a hall way) they will still be connecting to the same SSID and ARP so they will still be on vlan 50 but the IP will be Is it possible to force L3 roaming so that the client context vlan ID is ignored?"

Hi Alex on my opinion I don’t think something can be done and VLAN ID context for Stellar for roaming devices is not managed through NMS. Only different networks are supported and to be managed to have L3 roaming. Your customer sounds have a specific use case for its network it is only few cases to have this VLAN management. My advice is to extend and review its VLAN management to extend the L2 roaming first then extend to L3 if no other possibility but usisng different different networks. Force L3 roaming is not an option today in Stellar

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