logging capacity/feature of Omni Cirrus


Could someone explain following questions regarding Omni Cirrus

1. can we use cirrus as syslog server?

2. if yes, can we send syslog messages from customer's 3rd party devices, e.g. firewall, routers etc

3. how long can cirrus keep the logs - for local logs - for 3rd party devices logs

4. if it can keep the logs less than 1 year, what are the options to make it 1 year or longer?


Hi Tim,

No, it is not a syslog server.



Hi Patricio,
Thanks for the answer.
Since it is not a syslog server, my questions 1 and 2 are out.
But I believe cirrus keep its local logs as in on premise OV2500. Could you clarify my queries 3 and 4 for those local logs?