Logging on to WiFi using I-Phone trust issues


When we connect to an Enterprise Steller Wifi network, using an employee account without a captive portal assist, we have issues with I-phones prompting for Omnivista Certificates. See attached Photo:

When connecting with any other phone we have no problem or prompts for trusted certificates.

Any way to fix this?




Hi, I think you are referring to 802.1x authentication. The behavior you see is valid and one time to any Apple devices. During Authentication, Radius Server presents Radius Server Certificate, and apple devices need to trust the certificate for sure.

On Andriod /window Devices, we can select do not Validate CA Certificate/Server certificate, etc.

You can refer to more details https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5967450.

Possible solutions I can think off

You can try to get a Public CA Authority like Verisign etc. to get a Radius Server certificate.

Either we need to upload the Radius Server certificate on to the IOS devices trust list before user Associates to the SSID.

Or to get in touch with Apple to see if there is a way to bypass validating Server certificates.


Where can one find the Radius Server certificate and how do we upload it into the IOS devices?

How will this work.

Radius Server & Default CA certificate on Omnivista can be found under the “UPAM—Settings—Radius Server Certificate.” you can download it.

Certificates should be Placed in Trust List and Trusted.

How to place Manually maybe you can contact iPhone support better, and normal I have seen this is done using MDM solution.