Master-Local IPSec connection not happening

Hi all, we have a master controller ( that`s running fine and i need to set up a local controller( and configure redundancy .the problem is that i don`t know the ipsec preshared key that is configured on the master controller . i tried to use encrypt disable but i didn`t know where to look on the running config . i have the below config on the master :

Crypto Map "default-psk-redundant-master-ipsecmap" 9999 ipsec-isakmp

Crypto Map Template"default-psk-redundant-master-ipsecmap" 9999

IKE Version: 1

IKEv1 Policy: All

Security association lifetime seconds : [300 -86400]

Security association lifetime kilobytes: N/A

PFS (Y/N): N

Transform sets={ default-ml-transform }

Peer gateway:

Interface: VLAN 0

Source network:

Destination network:

Pre-Connect (Y/N): Y

Tunnel Trusted (Y/N): Y

Forced NAT-T (Y/N): N

Uplink Failover (Y/N): N

Force-Tunnel-Mode (Y/N): N

IP Compression (Y/N): N

how can i get the preshared key from the master ? if i need to use `encrypt enable `which part of the config i need to look to ?thank you in advance

Hi Marwasaidani,
this forum is actually here to deal with our Stellar Wireless LAN solution, and our Network Management system (OV2500 and OV-CIRRUS) thus you may understand that your question is not covered by this scope.
However, to provide you some guidance regarding your concern, I may suggest to contact your local business partner that managed your configuration, and he should be able to either recover the former preshared keys or if not feasible to raise a ticket to our technical support to help.