Maximum throughput problem

Hello, I have an ftth connection.

When I connect in RJ45, I have 500 mb.

When I connect in wifi from the router on the 5Ghz band I have 500 Mb.

When I connect to the 5Ghz wifi of my ap1101 I only have 200 Mb.

My ap is in version She is behind an RJ45 gigabit poe switch.



Hi Rimkarim,

Thanks for the inputs here, AP1101 is 802.11ac wave 1 entry-level access point and it is possible due capabilities your your client and wifi capabilities of your router to have better datarate, for example exploiting the wifi 6 standards. Pls can you precise how you evaluate your speed thanks? In other hands it is also possible the router indicates speed of cable then provide not exact speed for your connection

Then way you evaluate speed is important at the same time you know the 802.11 standard you use for your client. Thanks to doublecheck with wifi of your router, unless comparison with any other access point is not possible. Hope this is answering