mDNS Controls

How do you control which users can see and access AppleTVs or Chromecast devices on the network? Looking for a solution similar to AirGroup where we can allow users based on their location or role to be able to use these devices.

As almost "Airpgroup like" features are based on roles or require the support of CPPM, Pls reformulate the request for Stellar Enterprise
Thanks in advance

Gidifiore, Meantime, the last Stellar GA we received this week is the release which is supporting the mDNS control itself, and this for Express mode.

Pls have a check on your mDNS configuration, and with this AWOS 3.0.6 that should normally answer first your question in managing different multicasts for your Apple devices.

As said previously back to us, at your convenience, with a new post on the topic to share your experience. This is closing this post here Many thanks!