Modify power output

Hi All, Is there any way to tweak the power output of the Beacons? I am testing a solution with the OTNS in healthcare to use the GUID of the beacon for location purposes when an alarm is triggered.

The Dect 8262 or the smartapp loaded on a smartphone are constantly recording the closest the beacon's GUID. As soon as an alarm is triggered, it sends this guid to the OTNS that matches it with with a location(the GUID have been prerecorded with their location).

As i'm working indoor, i would like to be able to reduce the range of the beacon to let's say 5 m for a consultation room, 10 meters for a corridor and 30 meters for outdoor or the restaurant (this can be done quite easily with other third party beacons by using an app on the phone to push the configuration via Bluetooth).


What is possible to do from DS:
Page 2.
Remote configuration. Relying on a secured remote access, your beacon identifiers, RF parameters such as the advertising rate and transmit power, can be configured over-the-air to best fit both your application requirements and lifetime expectations.

In the Installer App, here is the example for time interval change:

Using the installer and the function, Update Over The Air (OTA). See the link:

Example for the changing the interval time:

Update OTA
Update Over The Air (OTA) is a function that allows you to reconfigure some of the technical parameters of the beacon such as the emission rate using OmniAccess Stellar LBS Installer. It is an advanced function that will in most cases not be needed, and could easily disrupt an application should wrong parameters be configured.
To access the OTA features, go to the site > Left menu > Beacons > Update OTA. There are 3 tabs Configurations, Associations and Missions. The Configurations tab is reserved to admin users.
Update OTA process
Configuration update
You must first create a configuration update in the Configurations tab. An update contains the list of parameters that should be updated on the beacons. This is reserved to admin users.
• In the Configurations tab, give the new configuration a name, e.g: Update emission rate to 300ms > Create configuration. The system will show the details of the configuration.
• In the Beacon configuration parameters section, you can add parameters to update the beacons. E.g: Select Advertising period (uint16) and give 300 as value, press the add (+) button.
Associations of configuration update to beacons
To be applied, a configuration update must first be associated with a beacon or a collection of beacons.
• In the Associations tab, you can select multiple beacons from the list or map for faster association then press the “link” button in the toolbar at the top of the map.
• You can also use the Actions button at the upper right to associate or dissociate with all beacons on the site.
• There are some constraints in the system to ensure the safety of the operation:
o Beacons can only be associated with one configuration at a time
o Beacons that are part of a mission cannot be associated with a new configuration
o Associations that are created after a mission’s start will not be considered for the mission. If you need an association to be considered in a mission, you will need to edit the mission’s start time accordingly.
o Associating a configuration to a beacon that already possesses one will not replace it, so if you want to replace a beacon’s configuration you will need to first dissociate the current configuration.
o On the map you can associate beacons or dissociate them and check the configurations


Thanks Hamaro for your big answer !