Multiple subnets to single SSID

Can we map multiple subnets to single SSID in stellar? Can you please help with config as well?

Yes, we can map multiple vlans (Access Role Profile) to multiple users connected to the same SSID.

Yes...I have done that using a tutorial video of .1x, which showcased this using UPAM radius server...How can we achieve this using 3rd party radius like Windows AD?

I believe today you can utilize NPS on top of Active directory. In December we will have direct AD integration with role mapping support

All you need to do is configure in the OV the NPS as an external Radius, In the AD create a Network policy based on what group the user belongs and make that policy returns the filter-id radius attribute with the string "vlanX" where X is the vlan id where the Access Role Profile is mapped.

Great Thanks.