Multiple vlan or vlan name?

Does the Stellar support multiple vlan or vlan name in Express or Enterprise mode?

You can map every WLAN to the particular VLAN in WLAN configuration

Hi, the question sounds too general In general in the Enterprise Mode we do support to put the devices connected to one SSID in different (multiple) vlans based on the answer of the authentication server or based on the value of the Radius filter-id attribute (or Role-Mapping based on the Active Directory user information). In Express mode we can assign different vlans just using the filter-id attribute. Both Express and Enterprise modes are supporting the Radius dynamic VLAN attribution

There are almost 5000 WIFI client,the customer doesn`t want to use the radius return attribution. we want use the stellar to do the demo without change the customer present network architecture. thanks .

With the same radius filter-id / role, you can at least map the role to diffrent vlan for diffrent AP group

<p>Just create new logical test WLAN (SSID) and map it to VLAN, created for testing purposes </p>