Multiple Vlan's to a single SSID


Does Stellar Express Mode support multiple Vlan's to a single SSID (dynamic vlan assignment)?

If yes, which radius attribute I must use : filter-id, Tunnel-Type, ...?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Emeric,

We are missing this topic here . Let me know if Radius authentication type required in your configuration in Express mode? for me dynamic VLAN assignment is supported all type of authentication, passphraes then in last Stellar releases, Thanks

Hi Oma,

Thank you for your answer. I use 802.1x authentication for WiFi clients and I have configured a Radius Server in Stellar APs.

I made some tests with filter-id and tunnel-type attributes, the APs seem accept the attributes but do not tag the vlan, they send traffic always on the default vlan.

Attached you can find traces from the APs, in which you can see that the AP seems to accept the Radius attributes.





Hi Can you access knowledge database? From TKC article 000047734 filter-id is no longer the attribute to use to manage multiple VLAN assignment with RADIUS.

Method is attributes below to be returned by the RADIUS server to the AP.
Tunnel-Type = “VLAN”,
Tunnel-Medium-Type = “IEEE-802”,
Tunnel-Private-Group-ID =

Please update Stellar to recent versions ie 4.0.1 to make this configuration. Thanks