Notification to the guest operator

For guest access via UPAM and approvals required to allow Guest, is there a way for a notification (email) is sent to the guest operator? I have UPAM email configured to allow emails and when we created the guest operator account the operator received an email the account was created however when a guest requested a registration there doesn't appear to be a notification to guest operator to approve account. Thanks

From what I remember, in case of sponsor based guest access, emails are send to sponsor employee, not guest operator. In this model, guest operator does not play a role, hence he is not notified.

Yup Dan agree

Thanks, that seems rather silly. Unless a guest operator is sitting in front of the screen at all times this seems pointless. I tested with employee sponsor and rec'd the email to approve a guest First I added the employee account logged with the employee sponsor account but that account doesn't appear to see the request. How do I approve the request for the account with employee sponsor? I must be missing a step here. Thanks

Well. I remember something about not seeing the requests; I think that employee sponsor must click the link in the email he receive to approve specific request. In general when we use sponsor-based guest access, guest operator does not play a role at all. Guest strategy with sponsor based access will allow direct interaction between guests and their chosen sponsors. In OV you can see history of all approvals/rejects, but actual approval is by chosen sponsor".

Ok I looked too quickly at the notification not realizing there was an approve and reject. However after I approve it says I should be able to manage the user but I cannot seem to do that. Progress... Thanks