OAW-AP1101 not registered

I have a problem connecting ALE Stellar OAW-AP1101 (firmware vers. to OmniVista Cirrus. Actually the network router is based on Mikrotik RouterOS with following DHCP server configuration:

Option 44 field: 0x010c’alenterprise’ (0x010c = sub-option1 declaration)

Option 42 field: ‘’ (ntp-b.nist.gov)

If I don’t declare option 138 field the AP will boot up in cluster mode; if I declare option 138 like ‘URL=https://activation.myovcloud.com’ the AP will boot up in OV managed mode but in OV-Cirrus the status of device remains “Waiting For First Contact”.


The online OV Cirrus guide http://www.ovcirrus.com/production-notes states that for APs to be managed (Cirrus 2.0 requires AP software version to be at AWOS The reporting AP has which does not support OV Cirrus. Note: AWOS was the first minimum version where OV Cirrus cloud management was supported. Please upgrade the APs prior to registering.