OAW-AP1231 need recovery boot

Hi. I have OAW-AP1231 with broken upgrading process. AP in cicle robooting.
Who can share the file OAW-AP1230-UBOOT_FIRMWARE_4.0.x.x.bin for recovery AP?

Hi, the unit is sold with a one year support contract. You will need a valid support contract to download the firmware from the ALE portal. Otherwise you can create an OmniVista 4 freemium account and have one free of charge firmware download. That will not help you in this case probably as the unit is stuck in a reboot loop. You could try a hard reset using the pin but otherwise the unit looks bricked. The units are sold with Limited Lifetine Hardware warranty. As the unit is not end-of sale, you should be able to get a replacement unit. If you have no valid support contract, please check Contact Us | Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (al-enterprise.com) to let sales help you further.

I found the following article 000042675 on the ALE knowledge base however:
Resolution Please follow below steps to upgrade the u-boot carefully:

  1. Download the u-boot image files on a local computer
  2. Confirm the AP model: showsysinfo grep Model
  3. Verify the MD5 of the u-boot file: md5sum <u-boot-filename.img>
  4. Have a tftp server with file location cofigured to the above downloaded image
  5. SSH to the AP and go to /tmp directory: cd /tmp
  6. Copy the u-boot into /tmp directory using TFTP server: tftp -gr <u-boot-filename.img>
  7. Upgrade the u-boot after successful TFTP transfer to AP: boot_upgrade <<u-boot-filename.img>
  8. It is recommended to reboot the AP after successful u-boot upgrade: ssudo reboot

For example:

support@AP-0C:00:~# showsysinfo grep Model
Device Model:OAW-AP1221
support@AP-0C:00:~# cd /tmp/
support@AP-0C:00:/tmp# tftp -gr OAW-AP1220-uboot_1.5.img
support@AP-0C:00:/tmp# md5sum OAW-AP1220-uboot_1.5.img
6ddadf1a08418a1e46db1b06376d70cb OAW-AP1220-uboot_1.5.img
support@AP-0C:00:/tmp# boot_upgrade OAW-AP1220-uboot_1.5.img
The U-Boot version v1.5
Start to upgrade u-boot
Unlocking /dev/mtd6 …
Erasing /dev/mtd6 …
Writing from to /dev/mtd6 … [w]486655+0 records in
486655+0 records out
486655 bytes (475.2KB) copied, 8.741585 seconds, 54.4KB/s
Upgrade successful
support@AP-0C:00:~# ssudo reboot

a copy of the uboot file is attached to the KB article. Mind you however, a uboot upgrade is only nescessary when upgrading from firmware AOS-W If you have an AP with a higher firmware version, it is most likely that the uboot already has the required version and does not need to be upgraded.

Hi, Thank you!
I have had the AP in my LAB for many years and they don’t have service contract. In this case, the support refuses SR, because I’m not ACFE.
I will try this option anyway. In the worst case scenario, the point will go on experiments with the idea of ​​re-flashing it for OpenWRT (chip IPQ8065).

If the AP is bricked (does not power on fully), it is an RMA issue and not a TAC issue and you should not need ACFE certification. The product has Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty where you only have the cost of shipping the unit to ALE and get a replacement unit free of charge within 10 working days of reception of the defective unit.
A service contract for a single AP is pretty cheap and offers Advance Replacement and free upgrades.

Since I can’t organize an RMA, I’m still trying to understand what’s wrong with it. But I can’t access it in FileSafe or Uboot mode, because I don’t have passwords for it. I have attached the log.

URL to putty.log (renamed to .txt) > putty.txt - Google Drive

Looking at your log it seems you have UBOOT version 1.8 which is higher than the version 1.5 from the knowledge base article.
In line 2831 I noticed the following entry:
[ 9.107178] bootconfig_partition_init: 0:BOOTCONFIG1 not found

It looks like the boot configuration is non-existend causing a reboot loop. I would guess this can either be resolved by TAC or the device is bricked since the hardware is defective. You could try to RMA the unit through a local partner? Find a Business Partner | Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (al-enterprise.com)

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Unfortunately, I myself am representative of an ALE partner, but ALE left our country.

Maybe there are other ways to resolve it? For example through jtag on board?

I just found KB article #000071415 describing this issue. The fix is upgrading the bootloader through TFTP. The uboot files are firmware specific and can be obtained through TAC. If you are representative of a partner, you need to be AFCE and obtain a support contract I’m afraid…

I now decided to look at the firmware inside… and found this… an interesting starting point… HOS AP241 Firmware images ubi / openwrt-ipq806x-hos-ipq8064-ap241-ubi-root.img