OAW-AP1231 PoE Requirements

The customer is requiring Wave2 APs with MIMO 4x4:4 in both frequencies (2.4/5GHz) so we have to offer OAW-AP1231. On LAN switches they are asking for 802.3af/at (15/30W) gigabit switches as the competence have dual radios APs MIMO 4x4 that works with 802.3at only. In our lab demo we have OS6560-P24Z8 and one OAW-AP1231 on multigig port consuming 13900mW with SSID's and Mesh setup. This consumption is much less than the datasheet recommendation of 60W. Also I found the info of Maximum (worst case) power consumption of 27.6 W that is lower than 30W supported by 802.3at standard. Is it possible to manage 2 radios MIMO 4x4:4 with 802.3at switches using OAW-AP1231 (PER)? How can I check in the console using support credentials if the AP1231 is running 4x4:4 or 2x2:2 when using 802.3at? What will happen with the internal bluetooth beacon when the AP1231 is powered by 802.3at switch like OS6450? OS6450 supports 4-pair PoE?


Hi Eduardo,

I've looked through my documents/mails and all references that I found require to operate "4-pair PoE" as it is offered by the OS6560. I'm running the AP1231 at my apartment with 802.3at and can confirm that the AP operates at 2x2 instead of 4x4. I'm not aware of a way (or forgot) on how to validate that mode of operation via OmniVista, therefore I go to "support" SSH and type "iwconfig" to validate the "Bit Rate" of ath11 (5 GHz) which should be at 1.7333 Gb/s for 4x4, while my AP1231 shows "Bit Rate: 866.7 Mb/s".

I hope this helps.