OmniAccess Stellar GA release availability

Great new for this end of Year. Stellar GA release is just available now on your favorite ALE BPWebsite.
All modes are supported : Express /Enterprise & OV-Cirrus modes.

Highlights on main features delivered with this major OmniAccess Stellar release:

  • Support of IPv6 clients - bridging in all clients authentication methods, for all modes

  • Multi-lingual CP for Express mode

  • Support of Hotspot 2.0/Passpoint with OV-Enterprise & OV-Cirrus to deliver secure network in public spaces mode. Support of the WIFI4EU (free Wifi for Europeans)

  • Support of Stellar Remote Access Point (RAP) with secured GRE tunneling. Note RAP feature is delivered for POC aims only and can be subject of changes.

  • DRM enhancements for specific environments with long scanning intervals & fixed channel width for roaming clients. DFS on the 5Ghz band supports also AP1201L specific low-end models for China (L and HL) and for Brazil (HL only), and supports AP1201BG BLE gateway hardware specific to Location-Based Services
(LBS) infrastructures.

  • Support of last Northbound API version 1.5 for Express mode

Pls find the detail of all features supported by 3.0.7 & fixed problems (from maintenance build in the attached Release note.

with GA AWOS 3.0.7 direct links on ALE BPWebiste:



This new asset can also be downloaded in Spacewalkers Resources