OmniAccess Stellar GA release availability

FYI Stellar GA release is now available on ALE BPWebSite since this week.

All modes supported: Express, OV Enterprise & OV-Cirrus modes,

all models, Wifi 6 series included.

Direct software links on ALE BPWebiste:


Supported Hardware:

Stellar Wifi 5: AP1101, AP1201, AP1220 series, AP1230 series, AP1251, AP1251-RW-B, AP1201H, AP1201L, AP1201HL, AP1201BG, AP1201BG


Stellar Wifi 6: AP1320 series, AP1360 series, AP1311, and AP1301


Find list of all features supported by the 4.0.2, and fixed issues from maintenance build, in the attached Release note.

Features in all modes: Express, OVE & OVC:

AP1201H Wired ports Multicast optimization

Guest- Show device name with open/PSK/CP methods

Features in OVE & OVC modes only:

RAP-Downlink port with tagged VLAN (except AP1101)

RAP- VPN VA scalabilty (except AP1101)

Web Content Filtering

OV related PEROV and PERWIFI in 45R3 release notes.


Take also limitations & dependencies in GA Release note, from this GA, regards:

(NEW) Stellar applications support

(NEW) Mesh/Bridge restrictions

(NEW) HW support & limitations