OmniAccess Stellar Antenna Guide

What happened to the OmniAccess Stellar Antenna Guide that a number of posts in this forum make reference to?

It would really be quite useful to have pictures of the antennas especially those which connect to outdoor access points so that adequate planning can be made for required mounts.

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Hello @stefan
Are you talking about the OmniAccess Stellar Matrix.
You can find antenna matrix info on page 6. Cheers!

Hi Charlotte-D,

Thanks for your quick response but you’ve missed the pint of my post which was to get some real detail on the outdoor antennas including images of them so we could show customers what we were going to be installing (especially useful in a hospitality environment where aesthetics are important) and figure out for ourselves how we were going to physically do so.

After a lot of web searching I managed to find a copy of the OmniAccess Stellar Accessories Indoor/Outdoor document from February 2020 which is more along the lines of what a proper technical document should look like and much more useful than the low level information presented on page 6 of the OmniAccess Stellar Matrix.

The new OmniAccess Stellar Matrix is useful for those products that do actually have working interactive links - but those do NOT exist for any of the outdoor antennas. We all know that ALE does not manufacture these antennas themselves so just provide links to the appropriate product on the manufacturers website.