OS2360-U24X - 100/1000Base-X issue

Dear community!

I'm writing to this forum, because we ran into an issue with the OS2360-U24X and i want to check if anybody have the same issue as us. Also i'm looking for a solution if possible.

So the scenario is simple:

We have our OS2360-U24X and its ports are connected to industrial devices what only have 100base fixed SC connectors on them.

Issue: In the documentation of the switch it says it is capable of handling the 100/1000Base-X SFP. But in reality it is simply not working. With some bridged SFPs the ports just starts blinking as if there is a link on them but there is not even a patch cable. In the hardware description it only mentions the SFP ports are only 1G and there is no indication whatsoever regarding the 100/1000Base-X.


Can the switch manage the 100/1000Base or not?

Thank you for the help in advance

it should work if you connect 100Mbps SFP any of the 1-24. Ensure SFP is in ALE supported list.

try disabling the autoneg and see it helps. I have seen some display issues in the past having only SFP connected Led is up which was fixed as bug.

After disabling autoneg still does not work try to open a case with ALE support please.