OS2360U24X Not able to access via Console

Hi Guys.


Just recieved 2 x OS 2360 U24 switches and not able to access via Console cable.

The cable we have we are able to access OS6350 and OS 6450.... please can anyone give us some advise as we need to get these switches up and running soonest for the client?

We using Putty with Baud Rate 115200, 8, 1 none setting....

Thank you. Pedro

You need to use a different console adapter, use an "industry-standard console cable" and it will work with the settings you specified.

Hi Benny, please can you give me more details on the “industry-standard console cable” that you referring to? Can a normal CAT 6 with USB to serial converter not work? Thanks in advance.

Hi Pedro,

the “Cisco console cable” is used for OS2x60.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Benny…