OS6350 switch: run in diag mode?


I read it is possible to run a 6350-switch in diag mode. How can this be done? I need to test the POE manager CI of a switch to see if it is faulty or not.

I searched in the manuals, but can't seem to find it.

Many thanks for your response ;-)

Yes, the OS6350 does support the diag mode. The flash file system requires to have the “KFdiag.img” file to support this functionality. This image file is not required for a software upgrade and it is used internally as part of the manufacturing burn-in process.

The “AOS_6.7.2.R08_GA_Release_Notes” document mentions the following on page 20.

Note: The diag.img file (i.e. KFdiag.img) is for switch diagnostics only and is not required as part of an AOS upgrade, it can be safely removed from the switch. However, some switches may ship from the factory with a diagnostics image file so it has been included in the example above. If using a software upgrade package from Service & Support the diagnostics image file will not be included.

Since this is an internally used firmware file please contact TAC Support for options on how to use this functionality or for them to help you troubleshoot your switch issue.

Hi felipesor,

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I contacted our TAC as we don't have the diag.img file.