OS6860E-P48 Switch continously rebooting

Hi All

Switch continuously reboot. We successfully attempted rescuing the switch from a USB stick but continue to reboot again after the rescue operation.

The switch boot up to the following stage before rebooting:

Thu Jan 1 00:01:52 : bcmd init ALRM message: +++ misc init failed 0 -11 +++ unit init failed 0 -191 +++ Thread 0 failed with return status -191 +++ module init fail 411 (-3)

Thu Jan 1 00:01:52 : ChassisSupervisor appMgr ALRT message: +++ Task /bin/bcmd -p vrf () terminated without restart strategy - board restarting +++ Failed App /bin/bcmd -p

Thu Jan 1 00:01:52 : ChassisSupervisor bootMgr INFO message: +++ Reboot postponed pending PMD completion

Thu Jan 1 00:01:56 : PMD main ALRT message: +++ PMD generated at /flash/pmd/pmd-01.01.1970-00.01.53

Thu Jan 1 00:02:06 : ChassisSupervisor bootMgr INFO message: +++ bootMgrStateMachine: BootMgrNotifyingVCReset/BootMgrOperationTimeoutEvent - timed out - proceeding with reboot

Grateful for any assistance to shed some light onto why the switch is doing this.

Hello sitig,

This requires further investigation by ALE technical support, but it seems to be a hardware issue.


Do you mind sharing how did you solve the issue? I got the exact same one but I couldn’t find anything online about it. Thank you.

If you already tried to use the rescue procedure via USB, I’d be afraid that this is a hardware related issue. I recommend to open a Service Request via your business partner.