OS6865 with Cisco ACS 5.8

Dear ,

I want to integrate OS68658 with aaa server TACACS (cisco ACS 5.8 ) I have configured below commands for TACACS, however its not getting authenticated via TACACS. and i can't login with any TACACS user. >aaa tacacs+-server TACserver host x.x.x.x key xxx port 1812 timeout 2 vrf-name default any one help.


Hi Abdallah,

That command will setup the TACACS server. But you still need to tell the switch which management interfaces will use it for authentication.

For instance, if you wanted to use it to authenticate SSH users, you would need a command such as:

aaa authentication ssh TACserver local

This would authenticate ssh users against the TACACS server you just created and would keep the local database as a backup.