OS6900 replace WebView SSL Certificate

Hi all,

I need to change Web-View SSL the certificate on a OS6900-X48C6 (I’m on 8.8.56.R02) but cannot find any documentation about how to do it.

Any suggestion? Thanks.

Dario Palermo

Hello Dario,

The certificate file should be placed in the /flash/switch/web directory and the file should be named as WebViewCert.pem. This is to be done in maintenance shell using su

you can use WinSCP to copy the new certificate over.

The following commands can be used to restart the web view service and force only to use HTTPS and SSL:
webview server disable
webview server enable
webview force-ssl enable

I just did the procedure, the certificate is installer correctly, the browser is getting it, but the web-view is not loading as I get a blan html page…

Had to reboot the switch to get the WebView up and running again. Thanks for the help mate!