OTBE. Issue move from Enterprise Wifi to GSM Data while on call

When i am on a call and move from wifi to GSM data i cannot hear the caller. I have to hangup and call back.

Thanks for this post. Can you please provide us with more information about your configuration and particularly your roaming application and platform, and mobile devices you’re using. Such information are needed to move forward.

Thanks you both
as there is no additional information on this OTBE configuration I suggest to close this thread. I strongly advice doublecheck with Stellar solution updates we have since end of year 2018 for such smartphone apps then reopen a thread in case of some observations in roaming. Roaming is a complex subject that requires lot of prerequisites /roaming use cases on the enterprise sites and this situation is agnostic to any provider of the Wifi solution on sites.
Regards Stellar itself we have a really great update for fast roaming management since the delivery of release 3.0.4 in november.
We will be really interested have feedbacks on roaming. Wifi to GSM is particular case of roaming for Enterprise but for that indicating mobile or platform details as said Dan is really mandatory to provide a begining of answer..