OV2500 is listing a valid client mac-address as Rogue AP

OV2500 shows a Rogue AP with reason: "Grabbing Legal Accessing Client". SSID is an empty string but BSSID is a legal mac-address of one connected client (iPhone XR) and open authentication The "Rogue AP" couldn't shown with a WiFi-Scan from other devices, but sometimes there is an empty SSID on air with the mac address of Stellar AP.

Hello Sputniki, Could you please send some screenshots showing this problem? Is this problem systematic? i.e. does it happen all the time wth this particular client? What is the version of OV2500? What is the firmware level of the APs? Mike.

I’ve see this with OV2500 4.3R01 as well as with 4.4R01 and Stellar AP was at least or