OV2500 Migration to OV cirrus


I have site where we have currently OV2500 NMS is running(10.67.x.x.) where AP and switches are managed from the same.

But my management said that we need to move all the things to cloud

If we move from OV2500 to new OV 2500 in cloud (10.61.x.x) what will be the impact ?


1)How this will be achieved if the old OV2500 and new OV2500 are in different subnet ?

2)Will we need to do factory reset of all AP's to communicate with new OV2500 ?

3)How AP will communicate the new OV2500 ?





May I check you have an OVCIRRUS account of ALE or you Installed OVE in Cloud managed by your own company?

Yes we have an option move AP's from one OVE to another OVE as attached



Thanks for your advice.

Yes we need to install OV in cloud