OV2500 notifcations stop working


I have encounter a recent issue on OV2500 NMS whereby it stops receiving any notification from 2 x OS6860E-24 that was working previously.

here's some background to the issue:

There is a 90 days password expiration configured on the switch, hence when it stopped working on the NMS, we changed the SNMPv3 user password on both switches and in NMS, and tried re-discover both switches.
Two switches were discovered in OV2500 showing as up status, but it shows notification error that the SNMPv3 had stopped working, and we didn’t received any other incoming notification from the switch.

! SNMP: snmp authentication-trap enable

! Trap Manager: snmp station 162 "snmpuser" v3 enable

Any ideas on what I have missed out ?

What is the software version on the switch as I have seen an issue similar if we configure password-history as criteria in password policy.

Password is not allowed to be modified user password expired.

The issue is fixed in 8.8.R01.