OV2500NMS doesn't offer TLS 1.3 version when ALE wifi deskphone connect to Stellar SSIDs

We have deployed ALE wifi deskphones connected to the SSIDs ALE-TxConfs and ALE-Phones, based on EAP-TLS authentication with certificates. We use Radius server embedded in the OV2500NMS R 4.7R1 (UPAM module)

Phones are running well, supporting different TLS version (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3), but when doing a wireshark trace during TLS handshake, we saw that the OV2500 doesn’t offer the TLS 1.3, although the TLS 1.3 version is supported in the TLS messages sent from the phone.

Hi, if I’m not mistaken OV2500 should support TLS 1.3 since 4.7R1 Patch 2, build 30. If you are using an older OV2500 version, there is a way that the TAC could access the “freeradius” configuration, in order to enable TLS 1.3 support. But if you got a chance to update OV, that might be the quicker way.