OVC Export VPN Settings for Stellar RAP AP

Hi All,

did anybody allready configure a Stellar RAP AP. I try to configure it but i can´t export the VPN Settings. When i hit the "Export VPN Settings" Button the is no Profile to choose, the list is empty. I try it with the Freemium OVC. I go exactly through the Config Guide without succsees. Any hint what i doing wrong?

Thanks Paul

May I know you want to Manage AP from OVC or OVE Like creating SSID and pushing to AP etc?

You should select the AP and which should be in Registered State(Refer to screenshot 1) and Click Export Settings which will pop-up a new screen. (Screenshot 2).

AP is not a registered state you may not download the VPN profile.

If you are planning to Manage AP from OVC then you need to create only DATA VPN Settings.



Thanks for your help.

It´s solved, it looks like i haven´t wait long enought. It takes hours on my installation to see the VPN Profile and i am able to download it.

The last days i wait round 10-15 min --> no VPN Profile available, yesterday i try it again in the morning, do some other stuff till lunchtime, and as i check it again i was able to see and download the VPN Profile.

Internet connection on Remote Site and is round 40Mbit, no so bad.

Just be patiently, it will work.

Great to know things are workings. I am able to download profile in less than a minute. May be due to your internet.

Thanks to let us know things are working. Have a good day ahead.