Packet capture on Stellar AP

Anybody knows how to do packet capture on Stellar AP? (Enterprise mode)


Hi, you can connect with the support account to the AP and then execute the following command:

$ssudo tcpdump -i 3 udp and port 53

In this example you will be capturing just the DNS traffic, the -i 3 attribute means that you are listening on the br-wan interface which is the interface you need to listen to see all the traffic.
Hope this can help you.

By the way this method works on every mode, I mean on Express and Enterprise.
Just to complete the previous answer....

Such command should be definitively written in a troubleshooting guide!

You checked now that all is steady and there is no packet loss once tcpdump is executing ? About a year ago I observed heavy pkt loss. Hope it's ok now. Let us know pls.


Thanks. Can I ftp the capture out?

Yes, first you need to save the capture to a file with the command:
$ssudo tcpdump -i 3 -w test-capture.pcap udp and port 53

Then you can connect using scp to the AP, to do this you can use any free tool like winscp, connect using the support account to the port 22 and then you are able to download the packet capture file to your local laptop and analyze it with any tool. Hope it helps