port splitting of 6860N-P48M expansion module OS68-QNI-U2


switch model: 6860N-P48M

expansion module: OS68-QNI-U2

firmware: 8.7.345.R01

Is there any way the 40G ports of the expansion module of above switch be split into 4x10G with the splitter cable CVR-QSFP-SEP 10G converter ?

We have tried using "interface primary-port 1/2/1 split-mode 4x10G", and got back command not supported message.

AOS8 network configuration guide says split-mode is supported for some model and 6860N is included in the supported list.




Hi Timothy,

This module does support 4X10 splitting. These are the supported transceiver part numbers:


- QSFP-4X10G-C3M
- QSFP-4X10G-C5M

Refer to the "OmniSwitch Transceiver Guide" for details.

Hope this helps.

Following command needs to be used on OS6860N:

interfaces port {slot chassis/slot | port chassis/slot/port[-port2}break-out {enable | disable}

It requires at least 8.7R3 version.